Ezone Learning Management System

It allows trainers to host different types of training contents such as lessons, worksheets, quizzes and tests.

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What is Ezone Learning management system

Ezone Learning management system (LMS) is a software application that helps you manage the processes of creating, hosting, distributing and accessing training sessions. Learning management system is an e- learning software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

Benefits of Ezone Learning Management System

Course and catalog

Ezone LMS holds all the eLearning courses and the related course content.

Certification and compliance support

Instructors and admins will be able to assess an individual's skill set and identify any gaps in their performance.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI integration enables it to create personalized learning experiences for users by providing course formats suited to their needs.

Reports and analytics

Instructors and administrators are able to view and track their online training initiatives to determine if they are effective or need adjusting.


Ezone LMS has multilingual support features so the learning and training content can remain unaffected by language barriers. it also integrates geolocation features

Reports and analytics

This includes eLearning assessment tools. Instructors and administrators are able to view and track their online training initiatives to determine if they are effective or need adjusting.

Social learning capabilities

Use of social media tools within the platform. This allows users to interact with their peers, collaborate and share their learning experiences.

Responsive design

Ezone LMS automatically displays the version best suited for the user's chosen device. Additionally, the LMS will also allow users to download content so it is accessible while offline.

Ezone Learning Management System Integrates

So, what does Ezone LMS do exactly?

Ezone LMS handles the management and delivery of eLearning courses. Well, Ezone LMS lets you create eLearning content (lessons), organize it into courses, deliver the content (either internally to your business or to a wider internet audience), enroll students to said courses, and, finally, monitor and assess their performance (attendance, grades, etc.). That, of course, is a high level description of the features that Ezone LMS offers.

Who needs an Ezone Learning Management System

Businesses of all sizes, national government agencies, local governments, traditional educational institutions and online/eLearning-based institutions. It improves traditional educational methods, while also saving organizations time and money. Ezone LMS will allow instructors and administrators to efficiently manage elements such as user registration, content, calendars, user access, communication, certifications and notifications.