Customer Relations Management

Manage customer interactions, provide support, and maintain relationships through reliable systems and processes.

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What is Ezone Customer Relations Management system

Ezone CRM deals with managing customer data and enriching it through interactions with marketing and customer support. Ezone CRM system handles critical backend information - generally managing customer information that is required once orders have been placed. This can include purchase history, billing and shipping details, accounting information, financial data, and supply chain management details.

Benefits of Ezone Customer Relations Management

Customer Management

This segment contacts into groups to organize and better cater to them. It helps gather crucial customer data and bolster your marketing strategies when introducing new products.

Lead Management

This technology allows a business to determine the best customers to follow up with based upon demographic and psychographic factors. Like lead scoring, it improves the efficiency


This is one of the top features that enable users view statistics in a highly visual, engaging perspective using customized reports and dashboards. It offers real-time data updates

Sales Forecasting

Forecasting lets you create a benchmark by which you can determine whether your results are actually on par with your efforts. You determine where you will need to direct future efforts.

Work Flow Automation

Automate repetitive tasks by creating workflows that trigger actions for next actions.This technology uses rule-based logic to automate manual work, like data entry and lead nurturing.

Inside Sales Console

The platform for increasing sales performance through a more efficient UI is known as the inside sales console. Ezone CRM system offers optimized UI and data analytics to improve the customer experience.

Email integration

You can now gain all of the automation and the organization of a dedicated email client inside of your Ezone CRM user interface. Do not depend on Outlook or notes Ezone CRM will do double duty for you.

Mobile CRM

This enables customer relationship management on a remote device using mobile CRM programs and apps. Staff can view data and receive valuable alerts about campaigns on a mobile device.

Ezone Customer Relations Management

Why do I need an ezone CRM system

Ezone CRM enables your business to better manage customer interactions, provide support, and maintain relationships through reliable systems and processes. It also integrates organizational processes across marketing, sales, and customer service with functionalities and features that can strategically serve key initiatives across departments.