Human Resource System

The existence of a well developed application of payroll and human resources is important for the final ROI.

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What is Ezone Human Resource system

It is often said that the most valuable assets of a company are humans. If so, that means selecting the best software solutions is essential for organizing human resources, regardless of the size of the company. Career management, salary conditions and legal regulations in the field can not be left to manual processes. The existence of a well developed application of payroll and human resources is important for the final ROI.

Benefits of Ezone Human Relations System

Employee Management

It is a holistic process that covers almost everything related to human resources such as new employee recruitment, payroll management and helps workers perform their best to achieve business goals.


It's a process of finding potential resources for filling up the vacant positions in an organization. It sources the candidates with the abilities and attitude, which are required for achieving the objectives of an organization.


In organizations, the announcement is recommended for the first day of an employee on the new job, so that other employees get to know about the addition of a new member to the team.

Increases talent

Ezone HR has unlimited possibilities to record structured information and that is why it facilitates communication with employees offering the company a “human” image that cares about initiatives.

Leave Management

Leave management system allows employees to apply for leaves, check leave balance, approved leaves, holiday list, etc. It tracks leave data accurately.

Attendance Monitoring

Attendance management is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting to minimize loss due to employee downtime.

Performance and Reviews

Performance is an approach to measure the dedication of employees. It is a process through which the organization aligns their mission, goals and objectives

Adapts to the company's needs

Ezone HR adapts to the companys' specific needs. it is highly configurable and enables various types of calculation of wages and benefits.

Ezone Human Ralations effectively manage the
daily activities and needs of the human resources department

Who needs an Ezone HR system

Without an ERP solution like Ezone HR, your business must allocate a significant amount of resources just to input, transfer and manage employee data. Even with a dedicated HR staff, certain tasks such as logging employee hours and translating those numbers into payroll data are difficult to perform with any degree of accuracy. The integrative nature of Ezone HR system all but eliminates this frustrating lag time while maintaining data integrity every step of the way.